At only £7.50 for annual membership or £5 for single person households. Pollards Hill Residents Association offers a range of benefits including newsletters, events and information about the area and a discount card.

One newsletter goes to every house in the area, and there will be at least two more (delivered to members only) during the rest of the year. It is a colour production on high quality paper.  We hope you will agree that this is a good publication providing interesting reading and news throughout the year.   Better still, we hope you will be inspired to contribute to future editions.

Pollards Hill Residents Association pioneered the local discount card, an idea taken up and expanded by our sister local associations in ‘Love Norbury’.  If you have a Love Norbury Card, offering discounts in many local establishments, it is only valid if you present it alongside a Pollards Hill Residents Association membership card (or one from any of the other residents’ associations).  Using the card at our local shops will soon save you the cost of your annual subscription to Pollards Hill Residents Association.

The association has an active committee that meets monthly (first Tuesday). The committee works to plan events, keep local planning and policing issues under review, and maintain contact with members.  Committee members liaise with Croydon Council, Love Norbury, and other local organisations.

Become a volunteer

Volunteers are the heart of the association young or old, busy or with time on your hands. Please join us, and get to know your neighbours better and make Pollards Hill an even friendlier and happier place to live. During the snows we had many kind members keeping an eye out their neighbours to make sure everyone was well cared for over the coldest months. This is your opportunity to do something year-round.

We always need volunteers, from the odd hour or so, to full members of the committee. If you have any time and want to become more involved please do get in touch, it is a fantastic way to meet your neighbours and really get to know your local area.

Pollards Hill Residents’ Association

Privacy statement

Draft, May 2018 (awaiting ratification by the PHRA executive)

1.     Introduction

We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting your personal information. We will only contact you regarding projects you may be interested in; moreover, we do not sell or share your details with other parties who may send you unsolicited emails or letters/communications.

PHRA will use your contact details to send you communications from time to time about:

·         Events and activities of PHRA and Love Norbury;

·         Notices of meetings;

·         Membership updates;

·         Local issues, for example threats to our environment and warnings prompted recent burglaries;

·         Other items of specific local interest.

If you prefer not to receive certain types of letters or emails from us, we will respect your wishes.

We will never share your personal details with any other party

This document details our approach to privacy and how we use and store the information you provide to us. Please read more to find out:

·         More about PHRA

·         what information we collect

·         how we collect your personal data

·         how we use your personal information

·         your rights and how to make a complaint

·         how we protect your information and how long we keep it for

2.     More about PHRA

The Pollards Hill residents’ Association exists to protect, enhance and maintain the area for the benefit of owners, tenants, households and visitors.  PHRA was formed in May 1988 and since then has undertaken a range of activities and campaigns at the request of members both to maintain and improve the area around Pollards Hill, and to promote interaction between neighbours.  The association is a key to keeping our local environment and community alive and well.

3.     What information we collect

The only information we record about members is as follows:

·         Address

·         Name(s) of householder(s)

·         Telephone number

·         Email address

·         Membership card number (varies annually)

We do not hold any sensitive personal information or any financial details about members

4.     How we collect your data

We collect your personal data at the point when you first interact with us. This is normally when you join the association or renew your subscription. We also collect your personal data when you subsequently update it, or communicate with us.

We may also collect your personal data when this is provided to us by a third party, for example when a friend or family member informs us that you are interested in joining the association.

We might also obtain your data in the following instances:

•        submissions to our website

•        completion of membership forms

·         campaign responses

•        competition entries

•        emails or letter correspondence

•        telephone calls to or from us

•        Your attendance at our events

•        When you interact with us on our website

We do not use cookies.

From time to time we may use the information you have provided in combination with publicly available data to:

·         determine in what ways you might be interested in supporting PHRA

·         complete due diligence checks to manage our resources properly by knowing our donors, partners and beneficiaries

·         We may also refer to the electoral register to ensure that we have up to date information when we approach non-member households

4. How we use your personal information

We have no interest in sharing your information with any commercial concern, and will never do so.  We use the data we collect to provide you with the services we offer. We also use data to communicate with you about our activities, events we organise, etc.  

If at any time you do not wish us to hold your information please refer to section 5 of this notice which outlines how you can contact us to change your preferences

5. Your rights and how to make a complaint

We want you to be completely happy with the ways in which we hold and use your personal data. You always have the right to opt out of our communications and you also may want to opt out of the use of publicly available data as described in section 4.1 (create link to this section).

At any time you can also contact us to request that we:

•        Stop holding or processing your personal data;

•        Correct or update the personal data we hold about you;

•        Erase your personal data;

•        Restrict or stop the way we use your data (including by objecting to our processing based on our legitimate interest and by withdrawing your consent);

•        Provide access to the personal data we hold about you.

Please contact us if you would like to exercise any of these rights. You can contact us in the following ways:

·         Through the contact button on the PHRA website

·         by writing to us at:

The membership secretary, PHRA

5 Tall Trees



If you are unhappy about how we use your personal information, please contact us, and we will do all we can to address your concerns.

If, despite our best efforts, you feel we have fallen short and are not satisfied with our response, you can make a complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office, which regulates information rights in the UK.

6. How we protect your information and how long we keep it for

We will only hold your personal information for as long as is reasonably necessary for the purposes set out in this Privacy Notice and to fulfil our legal obligations.  Data on lapsed members is retained in case of subsequent renewal, unless we receive a request to unsubscribe them.  We maintain the data on spreadsheets held by the treasurer and membership secretary.  We are reviewing the safety of our procedures, but do not consider that the data held is sensitive.

We take our responsibility to safeguard your data seriously, and we take appropriate steps to protect you.  Cybercrime and data theft are increasingly prevalent and as we know the Internet and mobile devices are not a 100% secure medium. We cannot therefore guarantee the security of information disclosed to us and want to make you aware of some particular risks when using internet and mobile devices.

·         Some links on our website may take you to third party sites, over which we have no control. When linking to another website we encourage you to read the privacy policy stated on that website.

·         Phishing is a cybercrime in which an individual is targeted and contacted by email, telephone or text message by someone posing as a legitimate institution to lure individuals into providing sensitive data.

7. Who we share your personal information with

Our emails sent to all members are sent on a bcc basis (blind copy) so that recipients do not have access to the email addresses of other members.

The only outside organisation with access to your data (name/address/email only) is Mailchimp, the service provider through which we send out our messages to all listed members.

The following is an extract from Mailchimp’s privacy policy:

List and email information: When you add a Distribution List or create an email with the Services, we have and may access the data on your list and the information in your email. If a Subscriber chooses to use the ‘forward to a friend’ (FTF) link in an email campaign you send, it will allow the Subscriber to share your email content with individuals not on your Distribution List. When a Subscriber forwards an email to a friend, we do not store your Subscriber’s email address or their friend’s email address, and no one is added to any Distribution List as a result of the FTF. The Member who created the email campaign only sees an aggregate number of times their email campaign was forwarded by a Subscriber and does not have access to the email addresses used to share or receive that forwarded content.


If you have any queries about this Privacy Notice or any queries about the protection of personal data we hold about you, please do not hesitate to contact us as in the way that is most convenient to you:

•        through your street rep when you receive a visit;

•        through our website

•        in person – the officers of the association are likely to be well known to you as neighbours

•        by writing to the address given above (section 5)