Kniting Norbury Together - dates and places

Hi All

Our fluffle of bunnies and clutch of chicks are arriving in Norbury on Saturday 20th April. Some will be around for a while, but others are looking to go on an expedition and may need a helping hand to get further afield...…  Let's make it a bumper number - with lots of photos.... There's an early arrival below.

Our usual get together is in the Library this coming Saturday - 10.30am - hopefully there will be a few photos....

Below are our Summer meeting dates:  As the Library isn't available on a couple of Saturdays, please note we have a new venue - the Pop In Café at Norbury Methodist Church, Pollards Hill North.  It's the next street to the Library walking towards Croydon.

Once Easter is over, it will be all systems go for the Summer Festival - there'll be lots more details, dates and patterns at our meeting on Friday 26 April.

In the meantime, happy Easter

Ann & Brenda

Summer Get Togethers


Fridays - 10.30am at Harlow Hall

26 April; 10 May, 24 May, 7 June, 21 June, 5 July


Saturdays - 10.30am

4 May:    Pop In Café, Norbury Methodist Church

18 May:   Library

1 June:    Pop In Café, Norbury Methodist Church

15 June:  Library

29 June:  Library


Mondays:  every evening from around 7pm