AGM draft minutes

Draft Minutes of the AGM of the Pollards Hill Residents Association

Held on the 4th April 2019


Present: (outgoing Chair & Committee): Conrad Thomas, Mike Netherwood, Brenda English, Richard Mills, John Bartholomew, Enid Molyneux& Mervat Attar

Apologies: Geoff Winkworth

The meeting took place within St Philips Church as our usual venue was in use. Our thanks to Rev. Younis for his help with this alternative location. Unfortunately the acoustics here were not ideal and some speakers were not fully audible. Our apologies for this.

Residents were invited to renew their membership on their arrival & issued with their new cards.

40+ residents were in attendance & were warmly welcomed by our outgoing Chair, Conrad Thomas. He in turn welcomed our guest speakers Ken Hume (James Alexander), 2 members of the Croydon Safer Neighbourhood Team (Emmanuelle & Linda) Sean Creighton (Love Norbury) and Rev. Younis of St Philips. Unfortunately James Martin of Pretty Little Things (our membership card sponsor) was unable to attend.

Minutes: the minutes of our 2018 AGM (Provided) were agreed & seconded with dissenters.

Conrad thanked his Committee for their work during the past year & noted that it had been a productive year with some wins & some disappointments.

He highlighted the 30th birthday event on the “Triangle” which was blessed with good weather & many attendees.

We had one successful litter clearance highlighted

 He thanked John Bartholomew for our regular Newsletter production which he composed, edited & printed. He thanked our sponsors who supported the printing by paying for advertising and Rev Younis of St Philips who provided printing facilities & ink.

 He also thanked Gerry Parnell for his diligent accounting over many years with PHRA- his assistance on many levels will be sorely missed by all.

Financial Report: A copy of our last year’s audited accounts was provided to each resident giving a comprehensive breakdown of our income & expenditure. Explanation of some points arising were answered by our retiring Treasurer Gerry Parnall. He thanked Richard Mills for his taking over as temporary Treasure since his retirement and for providing an audit of accounts in the absence of our usual auditor Mr.Moorsvi. The accounts were endorsed from the floor & seconded by Brenda English.


Election of officers: Mike Netherwood, the outgoing Secretary, invited the present Chair & Committee to stand down and an invitation was given to residents present to volunteer for any of the vacant positions. We had one volunteer to join our committee. In anticipation of this occurrence Chair & Committee had agreed to serve another term if there were no objections from residents. They were nominated & seconded by those present and remain as follows:

Chair: Conrad Thomas

Secretary: Mike Netherwood

Membership Secretary: John Bartholomew

Treasurer: Subject to further details being provide to her Donna Reynolds expressed an interest in this post

Committee: Richard Mills, Brenda English, John Bartholomew Geoff Winkworth, Enid Molyneux, Mervat Attar

The “Business” over there followed a short interval for refreshment & conversation before Conrad introduced Ken Hume of James Alexander Estate Agents, a long standing supporter & sponsor of PHRA. He provided a resume of our local property market including new developments regarding the status of tenants/landlords in properties of multiple occupations. He said he expected more property movement after Brexit was finalised. He fielded some questions from the floor before Chair thanked him for his input & continued support.

Chair then introduced two members of the Council’s Safer Neighbourhood team, Emanuel & Linda, who outlined their areas of responsibility. They were happy to take questions from residents & give advice on issues such as illegal parking, missing bollards, fly tipping, rubbish collection etc. They urged everyone to download the “Don’t mess with Croydon” app to their phones which would enable a speedy response from the Council.

Dr Starr said that PHRA should be spearheading such reports to the Council (a task we already regularly undertake but cannot cover every instance without residents input).

A resident of PHNorth reported that there seemed to be no road sweeper covering their area, in fact the whole of our area was insufficiently covered. It was suggested from the floor (Dr Starr) that the Council could use people doing Community Service who might be utilised to carry out such tasks-John Bartholomew said that we already had local people in place working towards their Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme doing regular litter clearance in their area.

The problem of vehicular obstruction was also raised. The Officers said they were able to serve notice but could not remove such vehicles as Croydon no longer had any tow trucks.

A resident of flats in London Road reported that their bins had been constantly missed –the officers promised to give this their urgent attention.

Sean Creighton of “Love Norbury” made residents aware of the problems that Norbury Co-Op were having with the planning application regarding their store development and urged us all to sign his petition or risk losing the Co-Op in Norbury altogether. He pointed out that most opposition to planning were overruled by the Planning Committee & always seemed to be in the interest of developers not local residents with any right of appeal. He added that “Love Norbury” would appreciate more input from PHRA on their planning Committee.

Richard Mills on behalf of PHRA thanked Sean for his involvement in local issues & then gave a brief resume of ongoing planning applications in our area:

2 PHNorth-side extension APPROVED

17 PHEast-Home office/Guest House refused then APPROVED

97 PHSouth-ongoing (Demolition of property, replaced by house with 4 flats + houses at the rear)

37 Beatrice Avenue-conversion of family house to flats APPROVED despite our letter of objection to Council leader& Steve Reed –no reply since February.

Dr Starr & Andrew Jacobs urged the PHRA to reinforce their letter & urgently press for a reply. They also suggested Brenda’s prepared letter highlighting all the bad points of the PHNorth /Beech Road care home application be submitted urgently.

Richard also paid tribute to the local works done by our late Councillor Maggie Mansell & hoped that our new Councillor would be as tireless on our behalf.

He pointed out that the Council would collect large items (White goods etc) for FREE 3 times a year.

He said that our suggestions regarding speeding on our roads had been “noted” but ignored...Our request for extensions to double yellow lines on the local dangerous corners were not feasible-there was a waiting list of 200 + such applications apparently.

Crime/suspected crime reported on our Squarespace site were uploaded to our website as soon as possible to make residents aware

Richard & Geoff recently attended a police forum on knife crime.

Chair thanked Richard for his succinct outline of these matters.

Our meeting was ended at 21.30 with thanks from Chair for all those participating.