AGM report

Thanks to all who attended the AGM.  There were about 50 members present.  The committee and officers were re-elected, and we received a report from James Alexander Estate Agents regarding current property trends in the neighbourhood.  An account was provided of events planned by the association (listed elsewhere on the website), and of our activities in partnership with Love Norbury.

There was a lot of concern about various current planning issues, particularly a large proposed development in Pollards Hill South which would involve the demolition of a house to be replaced by five others.  The deadline for commenting on this proposal is April 20th if you wish to do so .  To comment to the planning authority, follow the advice given on this website or in our recent email.

The draft minutes of this meeting follow below:


Minutes of the AGM of the Pollards Hill Residents Association held on the  12th April 2018


Present (Outgoing Chair & Committee): Conrad Thomas, Mike Netherwood, Richard Mills, Brenda English, John Bartholomew, Gerry Parnall, Richard Mills, Geoff Winkworth, Christine Harris,

Apologies: Enid Molyneux, Mike Sneary.

Circa 40 residents attended & were invited to pay their subs/join on arrival-they were also invited to partake of refreshments prior to the beginning of the meeting.

Chair welcomed all and invited them to peruse the Minutes of 2017 which had been placed on our PHRA website & hard copies on the chairs for them and to raise any points of view they might prompt.

Chairs report: Conrad Thomas provided a resume of the past years activities those events that were forthcoming. He stressed the importance of PHRA under the umbrella group “Love Norbury” by demonstrating that more could be achieved together with the other local resident’s associations. A Norbury regeneration group, backed by Croydon Council was progressing under the leadership of Johnny Gibbs and already things were starting to happen including work on the Station environs & access & discussions regarding an extra bus route & roadside floral displays /trees with TFL.

Newsletter: Conrad thanked John Bartholomew for our regular Newsletter which he edited & printed .We would welcome contributions for inclusion from residents. He also thanked our sponsors who supported the printing of our Newsletter by paying for advertising and Rev. Younis of St Philips who provided printing facilities (

Membership cards: Conrad thanked our latest sponsor, Pretty Little Things, for their sponsorship of the 2018/19 membership cards.

Planned forthcoming Events: Local walks were introduced with a stroll around the Croydon Airport/Roundshaw Downs locality led by John Bartholomew. The next walk, led by Geoff Winkworth will be to nonesuch Park/Ewell Village area on May 13th. All are welcome (details on our website)

A Clean Up Day was intended for 20th May to remove litter from the hilltop Park & slopes-this was deferred from a snow covered day in March!!

A local Treasure Hunt for families would take place during the whole of August with a prize of a £50 IKEA token awarded on our September Fun Day. There is to be a treasure map with clues all in our area.

Finance: our Treasurer, Gerry Parnall, presented his accounts (sheet on all seats with minutes) for the past year audited by Mr Moorsvi .The figures were accepted by the room, there were no queries & seconded by Brenda English. It was suggested from the floor that we should look for a deposit account paying higher interest as the present account paid a derisory interest. Chair thanked Mr Moorsvi for auditing our accounts.

Election of Officers: The Chair and his committee were invited to stand down and an invitation was given to residents present to volunteer for any of the vacant positions. There were no0 such volunteers forthcoming so the outgoing Chair & Committee indicated their willingness to serve another term. They were nominated & seconded from the floor as follows

Chair: Conrad Thomas

Secretary: Mike Netherwood

Membership Secretary: John Bartholomew

Planning: Brenda English

Treasurer: Gerry Parnall

Newsletter Editor: John Bartholomew

Committee: Richard Mills, Geoff Winkworth, Christine Harris, Gary Hartnell, Enid Molyneux

Our guest speaker Mr Ken Hume of James Alexander Estate Agents was welcomed by Chair and proceeded to update all present with details of the local housing market. He said that the market had been unusually stagnant in the first few months of 2018 but an upturn was expected as the weather improved. Landlords were required to register as such with Croydon Council or incur a £20, 00 fine-this had resulted in a drop in “Buy to Let” properties with a low rental becoming an unpopular investment-because of the low interest rate fewer properties were available with demand outstripping supply. First time buyers had become reliant on the “Bank of Mum & Dad”. There were signs of some new developments in Norbury-there was good news from Streatham & Purley becoming popular with hopefully a “knock on” effect for our area. Chair thanked Mr Hume for his insight.

Planning: Brenda English gave us a short resume of recent planning issues. There had been no movements on either “The Brambles” or the Briar Road site with both sites in search of a developer.

There was local opposition to the planning application at 97 Pollards Hill South-from the floor it was suggested that such applications should be highlighted on the  website in order to arouse local interest since Croydon Council only make immediate neighbours aware of these applications. Affected residents were urged to go to the planning meetings at the Town Hall to raise their concerns on planning relevant to them. Mrs Mansell said he would object to this development & have it referred at PHRA request.

The alley behind London Road shops at the bottom of Pollards Hill South has long been considered a right of way providing access to the rear flat owners & to the London Road. Recently this access was blocked with a corrugated iron fence. PHRA have been endeavouring to have this reinstated via the auspices of Croydon Council-so far with little success despite visits from Health & Safety officers & Enforcement Officers. It was suggested from the floor that PHRA should press local councillors to act & contact local media on the issue. Mrs Mansell (despite having received & acknowledged e-mails from Brenda English regarding this matter stated that “she had not known about it” promised to contact Council Officers re-enforcement.

Apparently retrospective planning applications were to be treated as new thus closing a loophole in planning.

From the floor: Richard Mills noted that despite the introduction of the 20mph speed limit on our roads there had been little change & motorists were still speeding particularly on PHN & PHS. He suggested additional road markings at these road entrances or flashing signs might help.

It was noted that there were conflicting bus lane times on signs merely yards apart at the Beatrice Avenue/London Road junction. We should approach TFL for clarification.

Brenda English informed the meeting that the room over the library had been acquired for community use under the auspices of the “Love Norbury” organization. A grant had been made available for initial surveys of the building & access details There was to be a meeting on the matter on 3rd June

A resident from Briar Road asked how she might join one of the Norbury committees –Chair urged her just to “come along” to the next meeting

David of 45 Ena Road raised his concerns regarding persistent rubbish in a trailer parked opposite his house. It was believed to be parked there by a resident of Elgar Avenue

A resident of Briar Road once again raised the long running issue of parking in the widened road area which was originally instated for emergency & refuse collection vehicles .This has necessitated vehicles going onto the green & churning up the grass. It was suggested that yellow line road markings or bollards should be placed in the relevant area.

Simon pointed out that developers were sending out letters to London householders with large gardens with development possibilities & that PHRA members should be aware. They were keen on building small houses which were easier to sell Geoff Winkworth stated that there was already such a back garden development being sought in PHE.

Once again the issue of bins not being returned to front gardens after collection was raised by a PHS resident. Mrs Mansell said the new refuse contractors were being mooted by the Council-these would have to abide by more stringent terms.

A resident suggested that TFL should consider extending the G1 bus route to Thornton Heath Garage in an effort to reduce the overcrowding on the 109 buses

Chair thanked everyone for attending when the meeting closed c 21.00.