20 MPH speed limit now operational in our area.

The new speed limit

The new 20mph zone has come into force on the hill, and all the roads between London Road and Northborough Road are now subject to this restriction.  Readers may not know the convention that where there are lampposts, the speed limit is always 30, unless there are reminder signs – like this one - of a different speed repeated on some lampposts

PHRA welcomes the change, and we imagine that most residents feel the same – that twenty is indeed plenty.

By and large,  driving standards on the hill are very good.  It can be quite difficult passing on some of the narrow sections, but there is a high level of courtesy and give and take.  Of course, there is the occasional thoughtless driver, and one or two who are positively reckless, and it will be good if they are deterred.

As we know, limited police resources means that there is unlikely to be a high level of enforcement of the new speed limit, and it is encumbant on all of us to self-enforce, making sure that we, at least, are keeping to the limit.  I hope that one day soon there will be a spot check, some prosecutions, and that as a result, the word gets around.