Viewpoint plaque opening


On Saturday June 12th 2016, a small crowd braved the rain on the hilltop to enjoy the opening of the viewpoint plaque which the association has installed on the plinth.  The opening was performed by PHRA member Geoff Winkworth, who designed the plaque, our treasurer Gerry, and Cllr Maggie Mansell representing Croydon Council, whose generous grant made the project possible.

If you haven't been up there yet to see it, perhaps you should.

The plaque details the many landmarks that can be seen from the hill, and also refers to places of interest that are not in sight, but whose direction is indicated.replaces an older plaque which was stolen some years ago.  The present plaque is made from stainless steel, and the monetary value is negligible. 

The value to the community, however, is great, and a few minutes on a clear day, with binoculars, perhaps,  will reward all of us who go up there.

An excellent related book of photographs of views from the hilltop has been placed in Norbury Library.  It is a single copy original book, but can be looked at in the library on request to the librarians.  Highly recommended.