Why Pollards Hill Needs Special Protection

This note is taken from Sean Creighton's blog Norbury Watch

In its comments on the Local Plan the Norbury Residents Associations Joint Planning Committee requests the Inspector to visit the Pollards Hill area to make his own assessment as to whether a larger area should be included in the Pollards Hill South LHA or that the whole area should be a Conservation Area.

 In its submission on the Local Partial Review last year the JPC recommended the following amendment:

‘To designate the whole of the Pollards Hill area as a Local Heritage Area in protect its special character with its interlocking built heritage of road layout and houses, its landscaping and ‘rural’ qualities.

It its supporting statement the JPC said:

‘1.    The JPC considers that Pollards Hill’s special character can only be protected by giving it Local Heritage Area status. Three open spaces exist in the area: the triangle park in Pollards Hill South, the rectangular park in Briar Rd, and the principle Hill at the upper end of Pollards Hill North.   The Hill provides a green oasis in the uniformly laid out northern suburb.

Taken from the website 'Norbury Watch.  To read the full submission, go to