Railway Station Car Lot Refused

The Council has rejected the planning application for the car lot next to Norbury Railway Station. This follows strong representations by local residents who have now come together in the new Norbury Ave & Thornton Heath Residents Association NATHRA), and the existing 4 Residents Associations JointPlanning  Committee.

RThe reasosn given by the Council are:

·      ‘The development results in the loss of Local Open Land and does not make the most of the opportunity to create and attractive and interesting environment’;

·      ‘The development results in an Employment Use outside of the Borough's Employment Areas and is detrimental to the function and vitality of the Borough's Existing Employment Areas’;

·      ‘The siting of the vehicle access gates to the site is a hazard and is detrimental to the safe and efficient operation of the adjacent public highway.’

JPC Objection

The Joint Planning Committee argued that approval would mean:

·      a re-designation of the nature of the site from private open space to brownfield site.

·     failure to comply with planning policies to enhance biodiversity,  assist ecological restoration

·     damage the site’s role as part of the green corridor alongside the railway line.  

·     Failure to ensure that the whole area around the Station can be subject to a regeneration scheme, which is needed to help boost the District Centre.

The car lot had been established with planning permission and the owner had been threatened with enforcement action. His planning application was designed to try and prevent such action. The JPC argued that theapplication does not seek to address any of the concerns expressed by residents, local Councillors or the JPC, but simply seeks to regularise theunlawful use of the site contrary to the Council’s Local Plan Strategic Policies. 

The applicant does have six months in which to lodge an appeal. Meanwhile the JPC will press for enforcement to shut the car lot. It will also be pressing for detailed examination of how to improve the area around the Station.

NA&TRA is now a member of the JPC so that all the local Residents Associations are working together on planning issues.