Local residents meeting backs work of Joint Planning Committee

Backing to the work of the local Residents Associations and their Joint Planning Committee was given by the 70 plus people who attended the public meeting on Norbury planning issues on 14 December.


There was an initial slide presentation of some of the problems being addressed by the Committee. There were opportunities for every individual to record their personal comments on what they liked and disliked about Norbury and what they wanted the Associations to be doing.


They then discussed their views with others in small groups. The following picture of their impressions about Norbury is a summary of main points. preliminary analysis. Many of the concerns are not actionable withinthe planning system, and the conclusion to be drawn is that unless a wide range of other actions are undertaken there will be no significant improvement and with the population growth a probable aggravation of the situation.


What people like about Norbury


Individuals wrote that they like Norbury because fir example, there is a good mix of shops and houses, nice gardens and trees, a diversity of people, trees, and open spaces.’


What people dislike about Norbury


More people recorded their dislikes about Norbury as individuals. Views included: no real heart to centre of town,  unkempt and  uncared for, litter, fly-tipping, traffic congestion and fumes, street drinking, noise from commercial buildings, and not enough diversity of shops e.g. selling fresh produce: meat, fish, baker, etc’.


What improvements would you like to see in Norbury, London Rd and the streets off it?

Suggested improvements include better facilities in both parks, more rubbish bins, stopping people cutting down trees on strip of land along Norbury Brook, improve the pedestrian facility at the railway station,  more flowers and trees.’

‘cleaner streets, less betting shops and shisha bars.


Collective Views

There was a strong view that there was too much development of flats without infrastructure – schools, doctors, transport, car parking, etc; poor management by landlords andlettings agents’; a lack of enforcement of planning and other infringements by the Council. Concern was also expressed about any future threat to Norbury Library.

A detailed note of the meeting is available from the Joint Planning Committee from sean.creighton1947@btinetrnet.com