PHRA was formed in May 1988 and since then has undertaken a range of activities and campaigns at the request of members to maintain and improve the area around Pollards Hill, and is a key to keeping our local environment and community alive and well.


·         PHRA and the other four Norbury Resident’s Associations provide a collective strength in ensuring that the views of residents are heard on a range of matters affecting the locality.  We stage events to improve the local environment and community cohesiveness. 

·         Shopping Discount Cards:  The PHRA shopping discount card and associated ‘Love Norbury’ card provide members with a range of discounts at over 30 local businesses see and for details).  Members benefit from the discounts (a few visits to participating businesses and you will recoup your PHRA subscription) and local businesses gain more trade.

·         Local Environment:  Planting bulbs around the Hill to brighten up the area;  PHRA clean-ups of the park, old allotments and streets in the area;  the Viewing Plaque at the top of Pollards Hill was reinstated and an associated book of descriptions/photographs placed in Norbury Library for reference; regular contact with the Council/councillors about littering and fly-tipping;  attendance at liaison meetings with the local police.  

·         Property Developments:  As members of the joint ‘Love Norbury’ planning committee, we monitor local planning applications both in Pollards Hill and throughout Norbury.

·         Information, Advice and Assistance:  We issue newsletters to members and have provided assistance on a range of neighbourhood issues.  Our website has been updated and is now interactive, so items/concerns raised will receive a response.  We have extended the e-mail ‘alert’ system (on local crime etc.) to cover all those members who have provided their e-mail addresses to us.

·         Social Events:  See events page for a list of forthcoming events.   


HOW TO RE-JOIN/JOIN PHRA FOR 2018/2019?  Subscriptions for 2018/2019 (remaining at £5.00 for a single person household and £7.50 for other households) are due from 1 April 2018.  Your street representative will be calling on you shortly thereafter to collect subscriptions or you can pay at the Annual General Meeting – it is helpful if you arrive between seven and seven thirty to make your payment before the meeting proper starts


GET INVOLVED IN PHRA.  The PHRA committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month in St Phillips Church Hall at 8pm.  Any resident can attend, so why not come along?  You can see what is going on or raise your concerns.  Otherwise, your assistance with clean-ups, social events and the reporting of matters of local concern/interest would be most welcome.


Thank you to our main sponsors James Alexander Estate Agents (located on the corner of London Road and Northborough Road) and Recycle Your Cartridge (opposite the foot of Pollards Hill South), NV, and to other traders who have supported us .  Thanks also to Rev Canon Younis Francis, Vicar of St Philips Church, for providing meeting rooms and assisting with the printing of PHRA newsletters.